I walk to the beach in the misty rain and stand at the shoreline. My eyes travel across the lake as I breath in the familiar fresh but yet, slightly fishy smell of the lake.

Drops start to roll off my skin. The thunder starts to boom and crack. But none of that bothers me. As the rain starts to pour down, I laugh and spin in circles.

I run toward the water and jump in, sinking beneath the water before I come back up through the waves. Thousands of droplets dance on the surface of the shadowy, gloomy lake. Like crystals. Everything is clear and sharp and distinct. From the droplets indenting the flat surface of the water to the clouds barely floating above me, to the lingering smell of the rain, and the cracks and booms of the thunder and lightning that shakes even within the water.

I try to take it all in. All the beauty that comes with the rain. I’ve quite literally learned how to swim in the storm and that’s a breathtaking thing.

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