Senior Year

Senior year is here. And I’m not exactly excited. With moving around so much as a kid I was never into doing sports or extra curricular activities. And since I worked full time over the summer I’m just ready to go to school, get my work done, and go to work.

I’m not trying to be negative but I’m at that age where I realize my time is valuable. I don’t want to sit in a classroom for hours. I want to be given a task, and complete the task. Simple as that.

I can’t deal with the screaming in hallways, with petty arguments, stupid sexual jokes. I don’t need permission to use the bathroom and I don’t like eating the same food every week. I don’t like having my opinion devalued because I’m still a “kid”. I’ve been through way more than you can imagine. Maybe if you gave me the chance to change your mind, you would see that.

I am almost an adult, I need a paycheck just like the teachers. So please let me do my thing and let me be done. My time is not for wasting. I have goals and I will accomplish them. I don’t need all these extra things to keep me “entertained”.

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